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Customer Testimonials

"After being stranded on I 95 for almost 2 hours waiting for another roadside service company, I looked up and there was Car Pro Towing to the rescue.
These guys were very professional, efficient and the price was the best.
They towed me right to my driveway…
You guys should change your name to Guardian Angels Towing.
Thanks for helping us...EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE!
I fired the other Roadside Service Company. Lol.
Thanks a million Cars Pro Towing. You guys were very professional, affordable and got the job done in no time. I will definitely recommend my family & friends. Once again thank you!”

“I needed a tow from Pompano back to Miami Gardens on a hot day. CARS PRO TOWING arrived in less than twenty minutes. They were a complete professional and handled my car with great care. I rode with the driver in the tow vehicle for the 25 mile trip back to my home in Miami Gardens Traffic was terrible the whole way, but the driver was a very safe driver. I was very impressed. I will be sure to call CARS PRO TOWING the next time I need a tow.”

“Very fast service”
“Great price”
“Very professional and courteous”
“Great roadside assistance”
“They even deliver gasoline”
“I needed a jump start and they were there in minutes”
“Thank goodness that old junk is no longer an eye sore on my property”

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